Sunday, 15 January 2012

Happy New Year!

I know, I know ... it's a little bit late but Happy New Year! Hope you all had a brilliant Christmas and New Year!
On Tuesday 17th January, it will be a year since I moved in with Mum and Dad so with the start of 2012 and a year since my Gotcha Day, I thought it would be pretty cool to review the past year!

So in January 2011, I first left home and moved in with Mum and Dad. This was the first pic I ever had taken by Dad and I think I am about 7 weeks old. I was one of four puppies, but my brothers and sisters were all black and white Bostons - I was the only Brindle. I was also a lot smaller than my Siblings. All the more personality though!
My Parents met me just before they went away for their Honeymoon so we had to wait for over two weeks before I could live with them. While they were away, they spent lots of time thinking of a suitable name for me once I joined their family. This is is when my name changed from Greybear to Logan. I was named after Hugh Jackman's character, Wolverine in the X Men Films. Pretty cool, huh?

 Just after I joined my family, I had to meet Stella. This is mentioned in some of my previous posts. We still don't get on brilliantly, but we can tolerate each other for short periods time. This photo was taken during a quiet moment!

In May, I entered our Local animal Shelters Fun Dog Show. I came third in a couple of rounds but it was the Fancy Dress Heat that I became a Star! I came first and was awarded my Rosette. I was so proud. Mum made me a Costume so I entered as a Dinosaur - an obvious choice I think?! The Judge could barely stop laughing at me - at least it was all for a good cause though!

This pic has also been featured on .I reached 2nd in the First ever Photo Contest for Funniest Picture - very proud of myself , even though I don't look very impressed in the photo!

October was a very busy month for all the family. Mum and Dad celebrated their First Wedding Anniversary, it was my First Birthday and our family increased!

Dad entered me into a Local Newspaper Photo competition.
Lots of friends and family voted for me and I got through to the Final 10, with this photo.

 On October 13th, I turned 1. I got loads of presents and a new Brother - all on the same day!

This is the best picture we have of me and my bro. As you can see, I am really tiny compared to him but I am definately the Boss!
His name is Remy. His official name is Rémy Etienne LeBeau, who was Gambit in the X-men films.
I know, you're starting to see a theme, right?! 

We get on well most of the time but it doesn't like to play as much as I do so sometimes he grumbles at me!

He's not very good with having his photo taken so we don't have many but here's one of him on his own ...

That is pretty much all my news for 2011!

I hope that 2012 is everything everybody would like it to be!

Lots of love and Boston Snuggles, Logan x

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