Sunday, 15 January 2012

Happy New Year!

I know, I know ... it's a little bit late but Happy New Year! Hope you all had a brilliant Christmas and New Year!
On Tuesday 17th January, it will be a year since I moved in with Mum and Dad so with the start of 2012 and a year since my Gotcha Day, I thought it would be pretty cool to review the past year!

So in January 2011, I first left home and moved in with Mum and Dad. This was the first pic I ever had taken by Dad and I think I am about 7 weeks old. I was one of four puppies, but my brothers and sisters were all black and white Bostons - I was the only Brindle. I was also a lot smaller than my Siblings. All the more personality though!
My Parents met me just before they went away for their Honeymoon so we had to wait for over two weeks before I could live with them. While they were away, they spent lots of time thinking of a suitable name for me once I joined their family. This is is when my name changed from Greybear to Logan. I was named after Hugh Jackman's character, Wolverine in the X Men Films. Pretty cool, huh?

 Just after I joined my family, I had to meet Stella. This is mentioned in some of my previous posts. We still don't get on brilliantly, but we can tolerate each other for short periods time. This photo was taken during a quiet moment!

In May, I entered our Local animal Shelters Fun Dog Show. I came third in a couple of rounds but it was the Fancy Dress Heat that I became a Star! I came first and was awarded my Rosette. I was so proud. Mum made me a Costume so I entered as a Dinosaur - an obvious choice I think?! The Judge could barely stop laughing at me - at least it was all for a good cause though!

This pic has also been featured on .I reached 2nd in the First ever Photo Contest for Funniest Picture - very proud of myself , even though I don't look very impressed in the photo!

October was a very busy month for all the family. Mum and Dad celebrated their First Wedding Anniversary, it was my First Birthday and our family increased!

Dad entered me into a Local Newspaper Photo competition.
Lots of friends and family voted for me and I got through to the Final 10, with this photo.

 On October 13th, I turned 1. I got loads of presents and a new Brother - all on the same day!

This is the best picture we have of me and my bro. As you can see, I am really tiny compared to him but I am definately the Boss!
His name is Remy. His official name is Rémy Etienne LeBeau, who was Gambit in the X-men films.
I know, you're starting to see a theme, right?! 

We get on well most of the time but it doesn't like to play as much as I do so sometimes he grumbles at me!

He's not very good with having his photo taken so we don't have many but here's one of him on his own ...

That is pretty much all my news for 2011!

I hope that 2012 is everything everybody would like it to be!

Lots of love and Boston Snuggles, Logan x

Saturday, 13 August 2011


Okay so me and the Typist is not too good at the whole blog idea! It has been over 6 month since we has said anyfink. So this is what I has been up to ...

I entered a Local Dog Show and this was my Fancy Dress Outfit! I came first! Mum made it one weekend so she was very pleased too. This pic has also been featured on - you really should look at this site, it is all about us Handsome Bostons!
I reached 2nd in the Photo Contest for Funniest Picture - very proud of myself.

Mum and Dad also took me camping! This pic shows me and Dad by our tent. This was an interesting evening which Mum is not convinced that we will repeat! I was much better behaved in a tent that I was in a Hotel, but I think that weekend deserves a post all of it own!
 Whilst we was camping, Dad took me to the Fairground where I got to ride on Muffin the Mule...

 ... and Thomas the Tank Engine! You only need to look at my face to see how excited I was.
 And of course, there was the Royal Wedding which was awesome cos Mum and Dad got an extra day off Work. To celebrate in true British Style, Mum made me a Union Jack bandana and we snuggled down on the sofa to witness William and Catherine get married.

But that is about it! Speak soon x

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Car Rides!

I have a new hobby, it is being allowed to go for a ride in the car! To be fair to the parents, they take me out whenever they can, but I adore being in the car ... Even when it is not moving! Mum took some pictures of me whilst we were waiting for Dad to finish work.
In the first pic, you can see my super-doper cosy jacket as well!

Hehe, here's to many more journeys! Speak soon x

Friday, 18 February 2011

Play-Date with Stella

Oh my God - I have had an awesome day. Mum got a Half-day from work today so we travelled to hang out with Nan's dog Stella. She is still not really sure of me but she was really nice to me today! We spent all afternoon tearing up the garden and playing with all our toys! I wasn't quick enough to catch Stella when she decided to run off with my ball though...

As you can see by this picture between us we have a lot of toys... We look very cute together though!

This was my toy, until Stella destroyed it! I think I look so grumpy because I had just discovered that it no longer squeaked. Ho hum ....

Love Logan x

P.S Everyone thinks I am bit of a poser when it comes to having my photo taken! I have to agree :)

Monday, 14 February 2011

Puppy School Week 3.

Firstly, Happy Valentines Day! I've had lots of snuggles today!

Today was 3rd week of puppy school. I was very good at recall and walking to heel. To be quite honest, I've very good on the lead, so Mum and Dad don't really have any worries there ... I'm modest too! :)
However, it wasn't all good. I decided to forget "sit" and "watch" and just stood there pulling away from Mum.
Still, we have a break next week so lots of time to practise!

Had a good weekend with lots of walks. Our local Park's Trust runs Waggy Walks so yesterday we went along! It was lots of fun. There were about 20 other dogs, all different breeds and ages. I really enjoyed myself, running along with all the other dogs. There was only 2 of us on lead, the rest were running wild! It looked brilliant, but Mum said I wasn't good enough on "recall" to be let loose! That is a good enough excuse for me to practise.

I am currently dragging my blanket all over the houe. I think I deserve a run-around after concentrating so hard at Puppy School!

Anyway, speak soon. x

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Random pictures

My typist has been far too busy the past couple of days so I thought I would just post some cute puppy pictures featuring ... ME!

Who me?!

Helping with the washing!

Monday, 7 February 2011

It's a good job I'm so damn cute ...

So, today was 2nd week of Puppy School - not exactly my finest hour! I didn't seem to be able to remember last week and preferred to annoy the other dogs this week, especially Toby the labrador. He was roughly 7 times my size. :) Mum wasn't very pleased but Dad thought I was quite amusing!
I was quite good at the "recall" though. Mum keeps mentioning "lots more practise this week". Not sure if I should be worried or not!

I did have a fab weekend though. Sunday, we went for a walk around the local market, got to meet lots of peeps and their dogs. Lots of fun as I learnt about something new and very special ... MUD. I got covered! :) This was not so good however when I got home and Dad had to put me in a bowl, whilst Mum washed my feet :( It would appear that I am not as keen with water ...

Anywho, I'd better be off. The parents thought Puppy School would wear me out - HA! No chance! Currently all my toys are all over the floor, after I launched myself after them! I am still running riot, allowing myself brief pauses when I sit in my now empty toy box! I also spent a good ten minutes or so chasing my tail, and some more time jumping all over the living room. Good times!

Speak soon x